Pinot Noir & Cheese Matching at Milk the Cow – August 22, 2015


Pinot Noir & Cheese Matching at Milk the Cow

One thing I enjoy is to see what Laura Lown, the cheesemonger of Milk the Cow, will come up with in terms of matching cheese to my selection of wine for the wine events held there.

She always finds something that works well and impresses the attendees.

Wine & Cheese Matches for this event

  • 2013 TRENTHAM ESTATE PINOT NOIR (MURRAY DARLING, NSW) matched with Brillat Savarin – France
  • 2013 WOODS & MATTHEWS PINOT NOIR (YARRA VALLEY, VIC) matched with Beaufort d’Alpage – France
  • 2010 WOONGARRA ‘3 WISE MEN’ PINOT NOIR (CARDINIA RANGES, VIC) matched with Reypenaer VSOP – Netherlands
  • 2010 D’ANGELO FUGIASTRO PINOT NOIR (YARRA VALLEY, VIC) matched with L’Artisan Mountain Man – Australia
  • 2007 MERRICK’S ESTATE PINOT NOIR (MORNINGTON, VIC) matched with Swiss Gruyere Etivaz – Switzerland
  • 2009 FROGMORE CREEK PINOT NOIR (TAS) matched with Fourme d’Ambert – France
  • 2004 GOLDEN HAWK PINOT SHIRAZ BY ANDRAOS BROS (SUNBURY, VIC) matched with Baronerosso di Capra – Italy

8 Pinot Noir wines from all over Australia matched to 8 different cheeses from around the world.

What more can you ask for?

A Pinot Noir & Cheese lovers dream come true.

Here are a few photos from the event.













After The Event: Shiraz Indulgence, May 17


The Leveson Hotel witnessed much indulgence on the afternoon of May 17, as it played host to yet another successful Wine Tasting Event. Between the the four-star meals and eight Shiraz wines to sample, attendees were spoilt for choice!

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After The Event: Shiraz Yum Cha Lunch at David’s Restaurant, May 2


Once again, our regular Yum Cha lunch at David’s Restaurant proved to offer yet another successful event. The Shiraz flowed freely and much yum cha devoured – see for yourself in our Event Gallery!

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After The Event: Rare Boutique Shiraz Lunch, May 23


If you didn’t attend our Rare Boutique Shiraz Lunch on the 23rd, fair to say you missed out! Fret not, because we have for you an extensive gallery of pictures from the day, with all the gustatory delights on display!

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After The Event – April Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch at David’s Restaurant


Another weekend, another Wine Tasting Event…and once again, David’s Restaurant laid on its trademark yum cha delicacies for the enjoyment of those in attendance last Saturday the 18th! Our regular yum cha lunches are always well received, and the April Pinot Noir Yum Cha event was no exception! See the gallery below for a sampler!

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After the Event – Milk the Cow Carlton, April 12


The evening of April 12 saw Milk The Cow Carlton bear witness to a wine and cheese night unlike any other! The gallery below can only hint at the culinary & gustatory delights sampled on Sunday night!

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After the Event – Milk the Cow St. Kilda, April 13


Wine and cheese traditionally complement each other extremely well, and this was clearly evident at Milk The Cow St. Kilda the evening of April 13th! Check out the gallery below!

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After The Event: Bubbles By The Bay


Mr. Lawrence at Port Melbourne played host to our highly successful Bubbles By The Bay event on Sunday March 1st – enjoy the event gallery below!

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After the Event at the Tramcar Restaurant


Sunday February 1st saw a select handful of wine connoisseurs go for a leisurely ride around Melbourne’s inner city on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant! Now you can see for yourself how much fun was had on the day with out latest event gallery!

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