Top Australian Wines “Wine Review” Panel opening night at Babushka on Tuesday May 22 at 7.30PM

Hello my name is Martin Peston and I am the founder of Top Australian Wines Pty Ltd and welcome to my first blog.

As I review wine ona regular basis and due to the sheer amount of wine that I have been receiving lately I have decided to form a Top Australian Wines ‘Wine Review” Panel to assist me in reviewing wines to see if they meet the criteria to be classified as a “Top Australian Wine” and whether they should be sold on my website.

All wines are marked out of 10 with the following as a guideline:

Under 7/10 – not worth considering

7/10 – good wine

8/10 – very good wine

9+/10 – excellent wine

Wines that receive a minimum result of 7.3 will be sold on my website:

Tuesday May 22 was the first night and it was a very successful night and all 9 members found it very informative. A special thank-you to Paul Bishard for sharing his wine knowledge with everyone.

Please note that I will never criticise a wine if it does not make the required result. I will simply not mention it.

15 wines were looked at and here are the wines that were received well by the panel (in no particular order).

2010 Leayton Estate Chardonnay2010 Leayton Estate Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley impressed all 9 members of the panel. Even non chardonnay drinkers said they would be happy to drink this wine. This is a solid chardonnay with the nose of stone fruit and butterscotch with oak in control. A complex chardonnay with big fruit and “old skool” characteristics.

Result: 8.3/10

2009 The Lake House Premium Reserve Pinot Noir2009 The Lake House Premium Reserve Pinot Noir is from Denmark in WA. It is an outstanding Pinot Noir that impressed all 9 members of The Top Australian Wines Review Panel. The nose of red cherry, earthiness, spice and vanilla. The palate of red berries, mocha and oak and a long spicy finish. A full bodied pinot that is highly recommended.

Result: 9/10

2010 Wanted Man Marsanne Viognier2010 Wanted Man Marsanne Viognier is from Heathcote in VIC. It was also a highly regarded wine by the panel. The nose of lemon curd and stone fruit. The palate had great spice elements of fennel, white pepper and peach. A very good food wine and highly recommended.

Result: 7.5/10

2007 Red Art Cabernet Sauvignon2007 Red Art Cabernet Sauvignon in from the Barossa Valley. It is an elegant wine with the nose of leather, red currant, meaty, violets and five spice. An intense palate of licorice, eucalypt, chocolate and olive flavours. There is a lot of complexity and an absolute pleasure to drink.

Result: 7.4/10

2010 Vinrock Cabernet Sauvignon2010 Vinrock Cabernet Sauvignon is from McLaren Vale. It has an intense nose and palate of deep black fruit, plum, prune and black stewed cherry.

Result: 7.6/10

2009 Bent Creek Black Dog Shiraz2009 Bent Creek Black Dog Shiraz is from McLaren Vale and was very impressive. The nose and palate of black cherry, plum, ripe fruit, licorice and oak. It had good fruit balance and weight.

Result: 8.4/10

2009 Hugh Hamilton The Rascal Shiraz2009 Hugh Hamilton The Rascal Shiraz is from McLaren Vale. It has a fresh nose of black fruits. It is a spicy shiraz with good, rich fruits and length. It is a good reflection of the vintage.