Rose & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch Session 2

In Cantonese Chinese, “yum cha” translates to “drink tea”. But you can bet Top Australian Wines has something a lot tastier than tea in mind!

Yum Cha Lunch Session 2

Announcing our third “yum cha” lunch featuring 8 Rose wines and 8 Pinot Noirs.

All the yum cha you wish to eat plus 8 highly acclaimed Rose wines from Australia, Italy, France and more, and 8 bestselling Pinot Noirs from Australia & France.

Now that’s YUM!

WHAT: All You Can Eat Yum Cha Wine Lunch

WHEN: Saturday, 17th April, from 1:30PM to 3:30PM

WHERE: David’s Yum Cha, 4 Cecil Place Prahran, Victoria

AVAILABILITY: (All you can eat + 16 wines = reserve today!)


Eventbrite - Rose & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch Session 2

Yum Cha Lunch Session 2 Details

China is all about traditions. And their tradition of afternoons spent drinking tea and enjoying dim sum dishes is one that is difficult to improve upon. That is, until you offer all-you-can-eat dim sum and combine that never-ending meal with 8 delicious wines including rose wines and pinot noirs.

Wine match: With plate after plate of Chinese delicacies, you’ll enjoy 16 total wines of unique blends and harvests — 8 Rose wines from Australia & France, and 8 Pinot Noirs from Australia & Argentina.

The wines to be showcased are as follows:

  1. 2011 Coteaux D’AIX En Provence Rose (France)

  2. 2011 First Drop Lush Touriga Rose (Barossa, SA)

  3. 2011 Paradigm Hill Transition Rose (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)

  4. 2011 Angoves Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz Rose (SA)

  5. 2013 Tellurian Rose (Heathcote, VIC)

  6. 2012 Pipoli Rosato (Basilicata, Italy)

  7. 2013 Hedonist Rose (McLaren Vale, SA)

  8. 2011 Totino Rose (Adelaide Hills, SA)

  9. 2009 Wonga Estate Pinot Noir (Strathbogie Ranges, VIC)

  10. 2012 Cake Wines Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills, SA)

  11. 2011 Pinto Pinot Noir (Patagonia, Argentina)

  12. 2009 Leura Park Estate Pinot Noir (Bellarine Peninsula, VIC)

  13. 2012 Fat Bastard Pinot Noir (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

  14. 2013 Haselgrove ‘Bradan’ Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills, SA)

  15. 2011 Villa Wolf Pinot Noir (Pfalz, Germany)

  16. 2011 Pittnauer ‘Dorflagen’ Villages Pinot Noir (Burgenland, Austria)

We start with a range of unique Chinese cold dishes to get your palate going. It’s then followed by a wide selection of Shanghai-style snacks, including old time favourites such as Peking Duck and spring rolls, and delectable dumplings (e.g. prawn dumplings & chilli wagyu beef dumplings). Not to forget salt and spicy battered calamari, and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.

All of that is finished off with desserts such as our famous white chocolate dumplings.

When was the last time you enjoyed all the amazing Chinese cuisine you wish to eat, paired with extraordinary wines? Now is your chance! Reserve your seat today for this Saturday lunch you will never forget!

Please note that if you have any dietary requirements please call Martin on (03) 8521 3333 or email to let us know before the event.

Eventbrite - Rose & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch Session 2

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