Rosé & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch at Davids – April 23, 2016


This was our busiest Rosé & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch event at Davids restaurant ever.

We had a total of 80 people and we had to book out the entire venue.

Due to high numbers we had to be super organised to ensure the event ran smoothly and it was one of the best events we have done at Davids.

We now send an email to all attendees 3-4 days before the event to confirm who they are sitting with, their dietary requirements, and everything about the event so we can commence as soon as possible.

It is not easy to organise 80 people so we send an email to everyone explaining when to come, how the event will work, what order the pouring is, where the toilets are and the process to order wines.

The event was a success and the customers were having a great time.

I invited 4 members of Broadsheet Melbourne to attend this event so I wanted this event more than any to run as smoothly as possible.

I have to say that I couldn’t have been any happier.

This event ran like clockwork and flowed smoothly the whole way through.

Nothing went wrong and a lot of wine was sold as well.

We were given a lot of positive feedback regarding this event. It is amazing how popular this event has become and the popularity of rosé wine.

The new 8% strength lychee cider was popular and the two wines that were the most popular were the Werewolf Pinot Noir from Romania & Brown Magpie from the Bellarine Peninsula.

The Brown Magpie wine I am referring to is 2013 Brown Magpie Single Vineyard Pinot Noir – this has been my favourite Pinot Noir for 2015 and 2016.

Here are some photos of the day and we hope you enjoy them.

Our Wine Bottle Display at our Lunch event.

Our wine bottle display

Mustang parked outside of the restaurant before our lunch event

The David's sign outside the restaurant Lychee Cider diplayed Bottle Display at our lunch event The Pinot Noir Wines being showcased Aston Gold Lychee Cider Soumah Ai Fiori wine 272A3192 272A3208 272A3213 272A3235 272A3255 272A3259 272A3264 272A3267 272A3271 272A3296 272A3313 272A3323 272A3333 272A3334 272A3344 272A3348 272A3363 272A3380 272A3394 272A3408 272A3422 272A3436 272A3445 272A3447 272A3448 272A3457 272A3462 272A3466 272A3469 272A3473 272A3474 272A3475 272A3477 272A3478 272A3482 272A3485 272A3491 272A3492 272A3508 272A3511 272A3518 272A3519 272A3527 272A3529 272A3549 272A3557 272A3586 272A3587 272A3600 272A3602 272A3613 272A3614 272A3618 272A3620 272A3630 272A3633 272A3656 272A3672 272A3679 272A3701 272A3707 272A3714 272A3716 272A3732 272A3734 272A3737 272A3738







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