Cheese Matching & Rosé at Milk the Cow – April 10, 2016

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Rosé & Cheese Matching Event

Our rosé & cheese matching event at Milk the Cow Licensed Fromagerie was on and we had a full house again.

It was sold out within 2 days of announcing this event and this is just from facebook.

This event is our second most popular event.

I have noticed that our guests who attend our rosé events are so excited to try new things and I love to see such enthusiasm.

Please note that all our wine comes from Top Australian Wines Pty Ltd and any wine from our events can be purchased online here.

I am sure that it will continue to be a popular event for a few years still.

Rosé being showcased at the event

  1. 2014 Bertani Bertarose Chiaretto Veneto Rosé IGT (Veneto, Italy)
  2. 2014 Sirocco Vinde Pays D’Oc Rosé (France)
  3. 2015 Brown Magpie Rosé (Geelong, VIC)
  4. 2015 Soumah Ai Fiori (Yarra Valley, VIC)
  5. 2015 Rogers & Rufus Grenache Rosé (Barossa)
  6. 2015 Hentley Farm Rosé (Barossa)

The French rosé was the most popular wine of the day and great value for money as well.

These six wines were matched with 6 different cheeses selected by cheesemonger Laura Lown.

Laura Lown the cheesemonger amazes people with her selection and quality of cheese and has the most interesting stories about them all.

If you haven’t tried the cheese at Milk the Cow then you are missing out.

We plan many more rosé events and we anticipate rosé will be massive in terms of popularity & demand for 2016 & 2017.

From September 2016, it will be rosé all the way with Wine Tasting Events.

Below are the photos from the event – as you can see lots of smiling faces.

Thank-you to all the Wine Tasting Events staff, Laura Lown, Bela Rice and all the wonderful attendees who made this event a very special and memorable one.

Until the next event at Milk the Cow Carlton which will be a Pinot Noir & Cheese Matching event.

 Video by Marc Verna Productions

Please enjoy our Rosé & Cheese Matching Video at Milk the Cow Licensed Fromagerie taken on April 10, 2016


Photos from the Event

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