Top Australian Wines “High End” Wine Tasting Dinner at Os Kitchen & Wine Bar

Os Kitchen & Wine Bar, Hampton on Thursday, August 23, 2013

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of having my high-end boutique wine tasting dinner at Os Kitchen & Wine Bar at 531 Hampton St, Hampton. A total of 24 people attended.

What made me choose this restuarant is that the food and service here has always been outstanding.

I would like to thank the owner of Os Kitchen & Wine Bar, Alastair Dobbs, for allowing me to hold my event there and for cooking such an amazing menu to suit the wines. I would recommend this restuarant to anyone who is looking for outstanding quality & service.

Here is the menu and the wines that were on offer last Thursday:

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Seared scallops, cauliflower puree, lemon butter

2007 McLeish Estate Semillon Hunter Valley

2002 Andraos Bros Chardonnay Sunbury

Smoked duck breast, braised duck leg, caramelized pear & sage

2010 Paradigm Hill L’Ami Sage Pinot Noir Mornington

Hand cut pappardelle, ragu romagnola

2009 Soul Growers Esperanza Cabernet Sauvignon Mourvedre Barossa

2009 Tatiarra Caravan of Dreams Shiraz Heathcote

Rack of lamb, mustard seed & olive crust, roasted winter vegetables

2006 Kooky Village “The Nutter” Shiraz Barossa

2008 Gaelic Cemetery Shiraz Clare Valley

Isle of Mull Cheddar

2000 Andraos Bros Grandfather’s Reserve Shiraz Sunbury

Here are the results of the wine tasting dinner with some comments from the attendees:

1. 2000 Andraos Bros Grandfather’s Reserve Shiraz (Sunbury, VIC)

“Tastes as good as Hill of Grace”


“Classic old style wine, beautiful”



“Wine of the night”

Average Score – 9.28

2. 2006 Kooky Village “The Nutter” Shiraz (Barossa Valley, SA)

“Big and spicy”

“That’s my style of wine”

“A high level of wine and great value”

“Strawberry heaven”

“love it”

Average Score – 8.48

3. Soul Growers Esperanza Cabernet Sauvignon Mourvedre (Barossa, SA)

“I really enjoyed it”

“excellent with food”

“fantastic taste”

“excellent, strawberry, cinnamon, loved it”

“great aftertaste, well rounded, goes down like velvet. Mourvedre shines through”

Average Score – 8.46

4. 2008 Gaelic Cemetery Shiraz (Clare Valley, SA)

“something to drink all night”

“smooth and excellent, really special shiraz with unique new flavours. It brings shiraz to a new level”

“love it”

“smooth, big, excellent”

“more than good”

Average Score – 8.41

5. 2009 Tatiarra Caravan of Dreams Shiraz Pressings (Heathcote, VIC)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this wine”

“Beautiful nose, great spice, excellent with food”

“Soft and long. Well balanced”

“Enjoyable wine. Loved the flavours”

“Great depth”

Average Score – 8.29

6. 2010 Paradigm Hill L’ami sage Pinot Noir (Mornington, VIC)

“complexities showing”

“In one word “nice” and with great colour, spicy flavours, wonderful with duck from the berry flavours from the wine. One of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen with a Pinot Noir”

“gorgeous, spicy, love it”

“the slight smokiness on the back palate worked brilliantly with the smoked duck”

Average Score – 8.06

7. 2002 Andraos Bros Chardonnay (Sunbury, VIC)

“I have never liked chardonnay but I enjoyed this very much”

“Pinot of chardonnay. Love the colour, amazing taste that lingers, Surprised and impressed”

“Amazing, so much depth”

“nice warm flavours, very new and perfect for winter. Great golden colours, butterscotch flavours”

Average Score – 8.04

8. 2007 McLeish Estate Semillon (Hunter Valley, NSW)

“I really appreciated it”

“Very enjoyable. Loved the acidity and various flavours”

“Only being a sav blanc drinker, I really enjoyed this wine”

“Beautifully rich & layered”

“Delightful, beautiful long palate, great colour”

Average Score – 7.86