2012 Willow Bridge Gravel Pit Estate Shiraz

gravel pit

I am constantly on the look out for the ultimate “WOW” Wine.

What I mean by this is when your nose tells you that you are about to embark on a journey and tour taste buds are about to have a party.

Well, ladies & gentlemen, I have found a “WOW” wine, and it is the 2012 Willow Bridge Estate Gravel Pit Shiraz.

I tried this wine with 2 other friends of mine who likewise don’t mind a glass of wine on a regular basis. They too were extremely impressed with this wine.

It really exceeded our expectations (and I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover), but when I looked at the label I thought it was going to be a “JAW” (just another wine).

Well, we were wrong, and my mouth wouldn’t stop drooling whilst I was drinking this moreish wine.

I love it, and it is an exceptional shiraz from Geographe Bay in Western Australia.

13.6% ALC/VOL

100% Shiraz.

Deep purple appearance

It has a serious nose of roasted meats, black pepper, dark plum, dark chocolate, young polished leather.

The palate has lots of pepper and ‘dark’ spice / roasted meats to start. It’s not too thick and heavy but has plenty of fine tannins through the palate, which seem to accompany roasted nut flavours also. Dark cherry and plum fruits come through also, especially with more time/air.