Game and Wine Dinner at Steak Bank Ormond on Monday October 14


Are you GAME?


Top Australian Wines presents…
Our exclusive Game Food & Wine Dinner


 You won’t have to hunt down the most delectable tastes…
Because they are all found RIGHT HERE!


Enjoy an evening of adventure and originality
as you embark on a journey of new experiences and new tastes.


Feast on a dinner complete with a variety of wild game dishes cooked to perfection.
Plus, with each course, you get TWO wines… one which will be a mystery.
That’s 6 wines total.


WHEN: Monday, 14th October at 7PM


WHERE: Steak Bank, 553 North Road, Ormond
AVAILABILITY: Only a few seats left!



Adventurous Wines and Adventurous Game Menu
for the Most Adventurous Appetites


An appetizing start! You’ve never had sausage quite like these. Savor WILD BOAR SAUSAGES from northern QLD and EMU SAUSAGES farm bred from South Australia.


Both delectable entrees are served with caramalised onion chutney and fresh bread.


Wine match: Enjoy a Mystery white wine blend as well as a light Pinot Noir. 


More vibrant than steak. More memorable than pork. You’ll feast on a LOIN OF BUFFALO from NT served medium rare.


Your buffalo will feature a nice Kilpatrick sauce and served with a fresh garden salad and chips.


Wine match: Your mystery wine will be a top variety of Shiraz. And you’ll also partake in a luscious Zinfandel. 



The perfect end to the perfect game feast: A CHEESE PLATTER with Blue Vein, Camembert, and a variety of crackers.


Wine match: You’ll sip on a mystery Cabernet Sauvignon as well as a top shelf fortified wine. 


And as your evening concludes, the fun continues…
the minute you tell your friends and family
about all the exotic and wonderful game dishes you enjoyed.