Boutique Wine Tasting Dinner at Babushka on Tuesday June 19 2013

It was another successful night at Babushka Restaurant in Hawthorn, with the largest gathering to date: 32 people attending. The Boutique Wine Tasting ran very smooth with everyone enjoying all the ten wines being showcased as well as the four course meal.

I have decided to up the ante with regards to wines qualifying for the Top Australian Wines website.The minimum score for a wine to be chosen to be sold on the online store will be increased from 7.3 to 7.5. Any wines scoring under 7.5 will not sold under the Top Australian Wines brand.

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Just to recap how the scoring works, everyone attending the wine tasting reviews and scores the wine out of ten. I average out the scores which gives me the final result. I call this the “real world” score meaning that this is the average score of a group of people from all cross sections of society which gives an accurate depiction of what normal people think of the wine. So here are the results of the wine tasting from the highest to the lowest score:

1. 2009 Condie Estate Shiraz Viognier is from Heathcote in VIC. It was the highest rating wine of the night.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Great big, nice chewy red with a great body”

“Earthy, berry, chocolate, well rounded”

“Love this wine! Full, fruity, big, spicy”

“beautiful wine with a nice aftertaste”

“Love the nose, perfume, violets, floral, big on the palate and the Viognier lifts the wine”

“Dark chocolate with a smooth, sexy, deep feel to it”

“sweet nose, bright fruit, soft tannins and a good finish”

“In a word – Outstanding”

Average score of 8.2

2. 2010 Paradigm Hill L’Ami Sage Pinot Noir is from The Mornington Peninsula in VIC.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Smooth, even taste”

“spicy, great colour and medium bodied”

“excellent with the food just eaten”

“very good Pinot – had a lot of body & character”

“spicy fruit, good tannins, great finish and good balance”

“soft fruit, acid spice, fine dry tannins, good to cellar”

“lingering finish, light yet full of flavour, fruity grip and fine tannins. Would be worth cellaring”

“light, good colour, fruity & acidy, good length and complex flavours”

Average score of 8

3. 2010 Two Italian Boys Shiraz is from King Valley in VIC.

Here are some comments:

“ripe fruit, jammy, rich dry grippy finish”

“sweet oak, sweet fruit, jammy, cool characters, big and easy”

“Big, bold, fruit driven oak, lingering finish”

“Easy drinking shiraz”

“Good value”

“A pleasant wine, excellent value”

“young, no bite, an easy drink, awesome with cheese”

“very nice, goes well with the cheese”

“yum, full, spicy, bit of pepper is nice”

Average score of 8

4. 2006 Andraos Bros Chardonnay Semillon is from Sunbury in VIC.

I found this a very interesting and pleasant wine and here are some comments:

“Good chardonnay fruit and Semillon backend”

“Buttery, lemon”

“soft scent, lasting lemony flavour with a hint of stone fruit”

“stone fruit, peaches, floral, sweet”

“nice honey aftertaste, pleasant to drink. Very enjoyable”

“Interesting varietal, smoky, peaty character, good with food”

“citrus, apple & pear flavours, almost smokey”

“lovely, nice smooth honey finish”

Average score of 7.7

5. 2010 Pierrepoint Pinot Gris is from Henty in VIC.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“lovely structure”

“lovely fruit, clean finish, bold, great length and good balance”

“fruit forward, crispy”

“beautiful explosion of flavour”

Average score of 7.7

6. 2009 Raidis Estate “Billy” Cabernet Sauvignon is from Coonawarra in SA.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Good wine, solid regional varietal”

“Delightful chocolate notes, the scent is as inviting as the flavour”

“chocolate, oak, well balanced”

“smooth consistant taste”

“nice body, lots of flavour and compliments the meal nicely”

Average score of 7.5

7. 2010 The Lost Valley Merlot is from Central Victoria.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Good spice character, ripe plush plums, some chocolate notes and soft fruit”

“Nice nise, berry/raisin tasting, fruity. Nice Merlot”

“Medium bodied, ripe plush fruit flavours”

“Lots of flavour, enjoyable”

Average score of 7.4

8. 2010 Tyrrell’s Johnno’s Hunter Valley Shiraz is from The Hunter Valley in NSW.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Love this wine, very warm and elegant. A lighter style with loads of character, well balanced integrated fruit”

“easy on the palate, pleasant aftertaste”

“nice colour, full fruit flavour”

“oak, berries, well balanced, smooth good finish”

Average score of 7.4

9. 2009 Palandri “Vita Novus” Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is from Margaret River in WA.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“Good smoky oak character, fruit in check and balanced”

“light, floral. Compliments the antipasto. Good length”

“clean, light palate weight, toasty oak, honey melon”

Average score of 7.4

10. Serafino “The Goose Island” Cabernet Merlot is from McLaren Vale in SA.

Here are some comments about the wine:

“A great BBQ wine”

“Would be good with a roast”

“Bold, ripe, fruit forward, good value, leathery, punch, holds alcohol well”

“Wow! That is beautiful, full of flavour”

Average score of 7