Boutique Wine Tasting Dinner at Babushka Restaurant, Tuesday July 31 2013

Top Australian Wines had a very busy night at Babushka, with 25 people attending our Boutique Wine Tasting Dinner.

Here are the average scores of all the wines from the judging of all the people on that night.

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1. 2010 Mother’s Milk Shiraz (Barossa Valley)

This was the wine of the night and here are the comments:

“Top Wine”
“A very nice shiraz”
“Soft delicate texture”

Average Score – 8.45

2. 2009 Lost Valley Cortese (High Country, VIC)

“nice, creamy texture”
“big finish, good wine”
“light, buttery, very good”
“a musk, melon nose. Apple palate and zingy texture”

Average Score – 8.2

3. 2009 She-Oak Hill Shiraz (Heathcote, VIC)

“full bodied, raspberry”
“a very nice shiraz”
“sensational wine”
“a real winner”

Average Score – 8.14

4. 2007 Domain Day Mt Crawford “One Serious Sangiovese” (Barossa, SA)

“a good one, well suited to the dinner as well – good balance”
“delicious with the beef”
“very nice”
“fruity & smooth”

Average Score – 7.9

5. 2008 Leayton Estate Chardonnay (Yarra Valley, VIC)

“enjoyable wine”
“oak, apple and apricot”
“heavy oak”
“very creamy texture with excellent length and good apple. Great fruit & oak balance”

Average Score – 7.76

6. 2010 Rob Dolan Cabernet Sauvignon (Yarra Valley, VIC)

“very well balanced, well rounded with grippy tannins.Dark fruits & awesome length”
“chocolate & plums”
“lovely wine, really enjoyable”
“earthy wine”

Average Score – 7.75

7. 2011 Ashbrook Estate Riesling (Margaret River, WA)

“I really like it”
“Enjoyed its dryness”
“Very easy wine to drink”
“Acidity, lime, dry”

Average Score – 7.64

8. 2010 Woongarra Estate “3 Wise Men” Pinot Noir (Dandenong Ranges, VIC)

“Heavy Pinot”
“Chocolate, pepper, Oak, good finish”
“Smells great, really enjoyed this wine”

Average Score – 7.64

9. 2009 Bellarine Estate Merlot (Geelong, VIC)

“very pleasant”
“very good”
“nice olives & black pepper with nice drying tannins”

10. Cider Review – Sunshack Apple Cider (Mittagong, NSW)

“crisp & dry with a touch of sweetness. Perfect drink on the verandah on a summer day”
“Rounds off magnificently”
“Crisp, smooth, dry”
“Fresh, crisp, soft”
“Lovely, fresh & clean”
“not too sweet”

Average Score – 8