Australia Vs. USA Blind Wine Tasting & Six Courses of Tapas at Rhone Wine & Tapas in Albert Park on Sunday June 2 at 1PM

Australia Vs. USA Blind Wine Tasting & Six Courses of Tapas


6 Australian wines. 6 American wines. One unforgettable lunch.
Only your palate and your nose KNOWS.
Enjoy a delectable Sunday lunch of tapas and tantalizing conversation,
complete with a set of “blind” wines with each course. 


The wine tastings may be blind, but your wine knowledge and education will be perfectly clear.


It’s our privilege to bring you an unforgettable evening hosted by wine judge, buyer and skilled orator Paul Bishard.

Paul brings years of wine expertise to our blind wine tasting.


Any wine question you have, Paul will answer.


Not only will you leave this Top Australian Wines blind tasting having sampled extraordinary wines, you’ll leave knowing far more about the art of wine indulgence.

YOU ARE INVITED: A lavish Sunday tapas lunch and Australia Vs. USA Blind Wine Tasting

WHEN: Sunday, June 2 at 1PM


125 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park  3206

AVAILABILITY: Only a few seats left!

Tickets $110 per person and can be booked online here


PARKING: The best streets to park on are Graham St and Page St and along Victoria Ave.


A $10 gift voucher to spend online at will be given to all attendees


What’s better than tasting the best wines Australia and the USA have to offer as well as enjoying an adventurous tapas lunch?


Making the lunch an unforgettable experience with BLIND wine tastings! Lunch, wine tastings and all the fun for ONLY $110

You may THINK you prefer Australian Chardonnay over Californian Chardonnay.

You may BELIEVE you like American Pinot Noir over our locally-grown Pinot.

You may TELL YOUR FRIENDS you prefer Sauvignon Blanc over all other wines…

That is until you are BLIND to them all! Every glass, every sip is an unexpected adventure.


No longer do your eyes and your preconceived ideas influence your palate. Only your palate decides which wines are best!

Come to Rhone Wine & Tapas on Sunday, June 2 for an original, fun and eye-opening experience! With every tapas course, you’ll enjoy two premium wines…
One from Australia, One from the USA

You won’t know which is which
You won’t know what is what
You’ll simply know they are both delicious!

First Tapas


Salivating from the start! Enjoy deep-fried goat’s cheese garnished with red wine jus, tomato jam and almond sugar.

Paired with a set of luscious wines that compliment the course perfectly. Promise!

Second Tapas

Tasting straight from Sicily, you’ll enjoy Arancini Balls filled with wild mushroom, Spanish Manchego cheese and chives.

With these luscious treats, you’ll taste two more wines — One from Australia, one from the USA, both for you.

Third Tapas

A memorable garlic-infused course, our Champignones Al Ajillo are always a hit. Succulent mushrooms in a white wine reduction, garlic and parsley with crusty bread for dipping.

Yes, two more wines with this tapas course. No, we’re not telling.

Fourth Tapas

Three words: Crunchy. Pork. Belly. This crowd-favourite is served with sweet roasted apple and jus de viande.

Another pair of wines served with this course.

 Fifth Tapas

The menu reaches a crescendo with the chuletas ala plancha. Chargrilled lamb cutlets drizzled with herb oil and served with romesco sauce.

Another USA wine. Another Australian wine. Both jaw-dropping good.

 Cheese Platter

The finale for your Sunday lunch is our favourite cheese platter served with Australian Blue, French Brie & Spanish Manchego served with crackers & sliced apple.

Two more wine pairings. Both, a secret.

 And we have also decided to share with you one final wine for the night and will be giving away a few bottles as well.

We’ve saved the best for last!
Now that you’ve tried glass after glass after glass of wines from Australia and the USA,
get ready for the big reveal…
where we tell you which wines you drank with each course. Get ready to be surprised!