Pinot Noir & cheese matching, August 22 at Milk The Cow Carlton

The most traditional and favourite wine pairing – Wine and Cheese – will be taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Top Australian Wines presents…
The ULTIMATE Pairing

The most original and extraordinary cheese paired with 8 different Pinot Noir wines from around Australia.
cheese matching

Get ready to embark on new tastes you’ve never experienced before. 

You’ll try 8 glasses of Pinot Noir, a luscious and elegant wine variety. 

And every sip is artfully paired with the absolute best cheese selection Milk the Cow has to offer.

WHAT: Pinot Noir & cheese matching at Milk The Cow Carlton

WHEN: Saturday, 22nd August 1PM – 4PM

WHERE: Milk the Cow, Licensed Fromagerie  323 Lygon St., Carlton VIC 3053

AVAILABILITY: Seats are going fast!

RESERVATIONS: Call 9500 9307




You’ve had your share of delicious cheese…but none like this.
A skilled cheesemonger hand selects the cheese that best complements each wine.
You’ve had your share of wine…but none like this.
The sommeliers at Top Australian Wines bring some of their best Pinot Noir wines from around Australia.
You’ll discover some cheeses that are nutty and salty. Others that are floral and herbaceous.
And still others that are sweet, creamy and complex.
And every wine poured will pair perfectly with the cheese of choice.

The Ultimate Pairing: Cheese + Pinot Noir

Don’t miss out on your one chance to enjoy some of the most mouth-watering cheese and most delicious Pinot Noirs in Australia!

  • 2013 TRENTHAM ESTATE PINOT NOIR (MURRAY DARLING, NSW) matched with Brillat Savarin – France
  • 2013 WOODS & MATTHEWS PINOT NOIR (YARRA VALLEY, VIC) matched with Beaufort d’Alpage – France
  • 2010 WOONGARRA ‘3 WISE MEN’ PINOT NOIR (CARDINIA RANGES, VIC) matched with Reypenaer VSOP – Netherlands
  • 2010 D’ANGELO FUGIASTRO PINOT NOIR (YARRA VALLEY, VIC) matched with L’Artisan Mountain Man – Australia
  • 2007 MERRICK’S ESTATE PINOT NOIR (MORNINGTON, VIC) matched with Swiss Gruyere Etivaz – Switzerland
  • 2009 FROGMORE CREEK PINOT NOIR (TAS) matched with Fourme d’Ambert – France
  • 2004 GOLDEN HAWK PINOT SHIRAZ BY ANDRAOS BROS (SUNBURY, VIC) matched with Baronerosso di Capra – Italy

Reserve your seat today for this Ultimate Pairing of wine and cheese — an afternoon your taste buds will never forget!


Unusual Wine Variety Dinner, June 12 at The Wayside Inn

Ready for a dinner you and your party will NEVER FORGET?

You’ll taste wines and dishes you’ve never tasted before. Unique flavours. Peculiar combinations.
Some daring…some fun and different…

But all RARE and UNUSUAL.

The only thing NOT unusual about this dinner is the extraordinary Wayside Inn.

Unusual Wine Variety Dinner


WHAT: Unusual Wine Variety Dinner at The Wayside Inn
WHEN: Friday, 12th June, 6PM – 9PM
WHERE: The Wayside Inn, 446 City Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
TO BOOK: Please call 9500 9307


This event has sold out!

Why settle for the usual and expected when Top Australian Wines and The Wayside Inn will present an incredible wine variety dinner that’s different, unusual, unexpected… yet EXTRAORDINARY!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience 6 of our rarest and most unusual wines with a multi-course meal that delivers fantastic flavours. This one will go fast — Reserve your seat today!

ENTRÉES (shared on the table)
As soon as the food is served, the conversation will begin! The Wayside Inn begins with several unusual — but delicious dishes!
You’ll also enjoy their DUCK LIVER PARFAIT, to-die-for SEASONAL RELISH, and TOAST to soak up all the flavour.
Plus, super tender CONFIT PORK BELLY, PARSNIP PUREE, and a refreshing FENNEL SALAD.

We ventured deep into the Top Australian Wines cellars to give you multiple rare and unusual wines to taste. Here they are:

First, taste our scrumptious 2010 Chateau Tanunda “Barossa Tower” Shiraz Primativo
Next, a divine 2012 Izway Mates Grenache Mataro (Barossa)
And finally, you’ll salivate over our 2009 Riverbank Malbec (Swan Valley, WA)

MAINS (Choice of the following)

Who says unusual can’t be fall-off-the bone delicious!
Enjoy one of the following:

Fork-tender SLOW-BRAISED WAGYU SHIN served with a tangy MUSTARD POLENTA and tasty MUSHROOMS. Pure heaven on a plate.
Or sink your teeth into their WOOD GRILLED AUSTRALIAN BEEF served with your choice of a BEARNAISE or PEPPER SAUCE, and complemented with a crisp and satisfying SALAD.

Or, if you love chicken, this one takes the prize! A ROTISSERIE COOKED HALF CHICKEN served with MASH, BACON, MUSHROOMS, and JUS GRAS. Nothing compares!

No matter which delectable main you choose, you’ll also feast on HAND CUT CHIPS and a sweet APPLE SALAD.

The unusual party keeps rocking! Served with your mains are 3 more flavour-forward wines you’ve never had before. Take notes on your favourites.

First, savour our 2007 Chateau Khoury Perseides (Lebanon)
Next, lose yourself in the incredible flavour of our 2008 Scott Harvey J & S Reserve Barbera (Amador County, USA)
And finally, brace yourself for the awesome taste of our 2011 Tellurian Mourvedre (Heathcote)

For those of you needing a vegetarian option:

For the ENTRÉE they would be able to opt for our broccoli, freekeh & buffalo mozzarella salad
And for MAINS we have an eggplant, chickpea, whole grain & kale hot pot

You’ve probably NEVER experienced a wine dinner like this before.
And you will probably NEVER again.

This is your ONE chance to walk on the wild side and enjoy an unusual dining adventure.
You won’t regret it!

This event has sold out!


After The Event – April Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch at David’s Restaurant


Another weekend, another Wine Tasting Event…and once again, David’s Restaurant laid on its trademark yum cha delicacies for the enjoyment of those in attendance last Saturday the 18th! Our regular yum cha lunches are always well received, and the April Pinot Noir Yum Cha event was no exception! See the gallery below for a sampler!

[idgallery id=”3584″ size=”thumbnail” /]

After the Event – Milk the Cow Carlton, April 12


The evening of April 12 saw Milk The Cow Carlton bear witness to a wine and cheese night unlike any other! The gallery below can only hint at the culinary & gustatory delights sampled on Sunday night!

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After the Event – Milk the Cow St. Kilda, April 13


Wine and cheese traditionally complement each other extremely well, and this was clearly evident at Milk The Cow St. Kilda the evening of April 13th! Check out the gallery below!

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Shiraz Indulgence, May 17 at The Leveson Hotel

The Perfect Indulgence.


Indulgent tastes are as rare as they are unforgettable.
On May 17th, The Leveson Hotel and Top Australian Wines will serve perhaps your most indulgent lunch ever.
A pork belly like you’ve never tasted.
An incredible 250-gram succulent eye fillet.
And, of course, 8 unique Shiraz wines from Australia.
You’ll leave satisfied. In every way possible.

WHAT: Shiraz Indulgence Wine Tasting Lunch at The Leveson Hotel
WHEN: Sunday, 17th May, 1 PM – 4PM
WHERE: The Leveson Hotel, 46 Leveson Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051


The Leveson Hotel prides itself on its local, farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection.

Top Australian Wines prides itself on its fine selection of delicious and adventurous wines from around Australia.

On this Shiraz Indulgence Lunch, complement an indulgent lunch with 8 indulgent Shiraz wines.

The words “pork belly” alone make you salivate! Enjoy one of The Leveson’s most popular dishes — ASIAN-STYLE PORK BELLY served with ASIAN SLAW.

With every morsel of mouthwatering pork belly, sip from 2 Shiraz wines served from different parts of the globe.

1. 2009 J Lohr Paso Robles Syrah (USA)
2. 2012 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch (Strathbogie Ranges, VIC) – 95 points Halliday

This is what you come for. A massive 250-gram EYE FILLET MEDALLION, served on MUSHY PEAS, HONEY GLAZED BABY CARROTS and topped with FIELD MUSHROOMS. Every bite better than the one before!

As indulgent as your fillet will be, save room for indulging in 4 more Shiraz wines. Each distinctive. Each delicious.

1. 2013 Mayhem & Co Blewitt Springs Shiraz (Barossa, SA)
2. 2012 Izway Bruce Shiraz (Barossa, SA)
3. 2012 Eliis Wines Premium Shiraz (Heathcote, VIC) – No 1 Heathcote shiraz Huon Hooke
4. 2012 Maverick Twins Shiraz (Barossa, SA)

The perfect combination of savory and sweet — The Leveson’s top shelf selection of CHEESE, DRIED FRUIT, and NUTS on a CHEESEBOARD you’ll never forget.

We will naturally pair your selection of cheese and dried fruit with the perfect accompanying Shiraz wines — 2 more wines to be exact!

1. 2001 Pertaringa Over The Top Shiraz (McLaren Vale, SA)
2. 2004 Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz (Heathcote, VIC)

It’s time to indulge. With friends, with family, and with a huge appetite.

Come indulge with us. But you must reserve your seat soon… As with most indulgences, this one won’t last!

Rare Boutique Shiraz Lunch, May 23 at the St. Kilda Post Hotel

Rare moments become what you treasure most in life.
When you have an opportunity to taste 8 rare and exclusive boutique Shiraz wines …

Served alongside a chef-inspired, exclusive, and flavourful meal in the grand St. Kilda Post Hotel …

You have arrived.


WHAT: Rare Boutique Shiraz Lunch at the St. Kilda Post Hotel

WHEN: Saturday, 23rd May, 1 PM – 4PM

WHERE: The St. Kilda Post Hotel, 304-306 St. Kilda Road, St. Kilda 3182





Top Australian Wines is excited to share its prized boutique collection of rare Shiraz wines.
Likewise, the St. Kilda Post Hotel is anxious to serve its award-winning menu complete with savory and satisfying dishes.

This rare opportunity to experience 8 boutique Shiraz wines and 3 mouthwatering dishes is only available on Saturday, 23rd May. Reserve your seat today!

Begin your lunch with a taste of elegance with the St. Kilda Post Hotel’s melt-in-your-mouth beef tartare.
BEEF TARTARE with BRIOCHE TOAST, a bright HERB SALAD and a farm-fresh SOFT POACHED EGG. Just about every food group imaginable on a single dish.


Matched with 2012 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz which recently received 95 points by James Halliday (Strathbogie Ranges, VIC) & 2010 Kooky Village Shiraz (Barossa, SA)


You’ll want to applaud when your servers present this incredible steak! Fork-tender FILLET MIGNON with vibrant BLISTERED CHERRY TOMATOES and BUTTERED ASPARAGUS. This one exceeds expectations with every bite.


1. 2012 Maverick Twins Shiraz (Barossa, SA)

2. 2012 Condie Kyneton Road Shiraz (Heathcote, VIC)

3. 2007 Palandri Vita Novus Shiraz (Frankland River, WA)

4. 2012 Mayhem & Co Shiraz (McLaren Vale, SA)


The perfect selection for cheese lovers! Proposed cheese platter: ASIAGO COWS BLUE, BOERENKAS 15-year old CHEDDAR, TRIPLE CREAM BRIE. Plus, served alongside luscious seasonal, FRUITS, homemade BREAD and LAVOSH, an unleavened flat bread.


Expect 2 more rare, tantalizing, and rich-flavoured Shiraz wines straight from our boutique collection.

  1. 2007 Wonga Estate Shiraz (Heathcote, VIC)

  2. 2006 Rusden “Black Guts” (Barossa, SA)

This event also offers a vegetarian option:

Entree – ricotta, chive and Spanish onion stuffed zucchini flowers with shaved asparagus salad and creme friache.

Main – wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, pecorino crisps and micro herbs.

Dessert – cheese platters to share

Life is meant a treasure-trove of rare experiences and rare indulgences.

This rare opportunity to sip glass after glass of our exclusive boutique Shiraz wines in the beautiful surroundings of the St. Kilda Post Hotel comes once this year.

Reserve your seat today.


Shiraz Heaven Heathcote Wine Lunch at The Leveson Hotel – July 12, 2015

How do you describe the perfect Sunday? Perfect Heathcote wines, one after another, in the perfect setting at the hidden North Melbourne gem of The Leveson…and sharing the perfect meal with the perfect company.

shiraz heaven july

Announcing Top Australian Wines’ Heathcote Wine Lunch at The Leveson.

WHAT: Heathcote Shiraz Heaven Wine Tasting Lunch at The Leveson Hotel

WHEN: Sunday, July 12, starting at 1:00PM

WHERE: The Leveson Hotel, 46 Leveson Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

AVAILABILITY: Seating limited so reserve today!

This event has been SOLD OUT!

What happens when two perfect settings collide? You enjoy one of the best wine lunches you’ve ever had.

Heathcote wines originate in a unique micro-climate setting which produces shiraz styles with power, elegance, and a voluptuous fruit flavour.

And on Sunday, July 12, you can enjoy glass after glass (10 in all!) of these critically-acclaimed wines in the setting of a modern and charming Australian pub.

Extraordinary tastes throughout your day from the food to the wine to the atmosphere!

What’s better than being greeted with a hug or handshake?

How about a glass of Peregrine Ridge Sparkling Shiraz NV 


Pass around plates of antipasto including a selection of house made dips, preserved meats, kalamata olives, grilled vegetables, and Danish fetta.

Wash it down with a glass of 2009 Tatiarra Culled Barrel Shiraz


You must experience this dish at least once in your life!

Lamb cutlets served on eggplant puree, finished off with micro mustard cress.

Now you have three luscious Heathcote wines to savour:

2008 Domaine Asmara Infinity Shiraz

2006 Peregrine Ridge Winemaker’s Release Shiraz


Now, for the stars of the show:

Kangaroo fillet (yes, kangaroo!) With sweet potato mash, broccolini and juniper berry jus

Enjoy this memorable dish with three more wines which are all distinct, all extraordinary!

2012 Ellis Wines Signature Series Shiraz

2004 Downing Estate Shiraz

2013 Heathcote Winery The Origin Shiraz

Next, you’ll want to give this dish a standing ovation on appearance and taste:

Eye Fillet Medallion on a bed of Mushy Peas with Baby Carrots and Parsnip Crisps served with Garlic and Thyme Butter.

Every bite better than the last.

Your wine lunch concludes with a grand finale with three more of our most popular Heathcote wines:

2009 Cornella Ridge Estate “Shiraz Republic”

2010 Red Edge Shiraz

2010 Wild Duck Creek “Springflat Shiraz”

How close have you been to heaven?

After this wine tasting featuring the best of Heathcote Shiraz Heaven and The Leveson Hotel, you’ll come closer than ever before.

This event has been SOLD OUT!



Rieslings of the World Wine Dinner, May 21 at Chez Olivier

The world’s most respected cuisine


Combined with one of the world’s most preferred wines 


All for you to



Announcing Top Australian Wines Rieslings of the World Wine Dinner at Chez Olivier.

WHAT: Rieslings of the World Dinner at Chez Olivier

WHEN: Thursday, May 21 starting at 7:00PM

WHERE: Chez Olivier, 121 Greville Street, Prahran, Melbourne



This event has sold out!

Top 5 Reasons People LOVE Riesling

1. They are light and flavourful on the palate.

2. They pair with just about any food imaginable — especially French cuisine!

3. They are deliciously dry — Only a few Rieslings are sweet.

4. There’s a purity and precision to Riesling that almost no other grape has.

5. They are full of flavours that are refreshing any time of year.

And another reason to love Rieslings… On Thursday, May 21 you can enjoy EIGHT different and extraordinary Rieslings — from all over the world.

What’s better with 3 lovely glasses of Riesling than fresh salmon? How about salmon three ways! Chez Olivier presents salmon as you’ve never enjoyed it before… Times Three!
TRIO OF SALMON: SALMON GRAVLAX marinated in DILL; SMOKED SALMON; and RILLETTES OF SALMON seasoned with MAYONAISSE and served like a pate.

The wines included here will be 2011 Rieslingfreak No.3 (Clare Valley, SA), 2012 Ostertag Vignoble D’e Riesling (Alsace, France) & 2005 Golden Hawk Riesling by Andraos Bros (Sunbury, VIC)

One bite and you suddenly realize why French cuisine is at the top of most everyone’s favourite foods. You’ll be served deliciously flavourful sausage, pork belly, potatoes and more! And with each bite, enjoy sips from the more luscious Rieslings.
CHOUCROUTE, typical main from Alsace with SAUERKRAUT (pickled cabbage) cooked in white wine and served with SMOKED SAUSAGE, PORK BELLY, and POTATO and a horseradish sauce

Vegetarian option for the main: Goat cheese soufflé served with a porcini sauce and asparagus

The wines included here will be 2005 Riverbank Aged Riesling (Swan Valley, WA), 2002 Trevor Jones Reserve Riesling (Barossa Valley, SA) and 2011 Bundaleer Riesling (Clare Valley, SA)

If there’s one thing the French (and Chez Olivier) know, it’s dessert. And the desserts you’ll relish at this lunch will not disappoint!
The wines being served here are 2011 Rieslingfreak No 5 Off Dry Riesling (Clare Valley, SA), 2000 Andraos Bros “Sweet Lily” Riesling (Sunbury, VIC) & 2010 Dr Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese (Germany)

From the incredible food to the sophisticated ambiance to the seemingly endless flow of Riesling, this is a dinner event you’ll want to bring your colleagues, family, and friends.

Reserve your seat today and enjoy Rieslings of the World at one of the world’s greatest landmark restaurants — Chez Olivier.

This event has sold out!

Pizza And Shiraz Wine Tasting Lunch at Pinocchio South Yarra [POSTPONED]


Wine Tasting Events & Top Australian Wines presents:

Pizza & Shiraz – Wine Tasting & Unlimited Wood Fired Pizza

WHAT: All you can eat pizza and shiraz July lunch event

WHEN: Sunday July 19 from 1PM – 4PM

WHERE: Pinocchio Pizza Restaurant, 152 Toorak Road South YarraVictoria



This event has been postponed.

What’s better with pizza than wine?

What’s better with wine than pizza?

Now, the perfect marriage of tastes come together or an afternoon of artisan wood-fired pizza and extraordinary Australian wines!

How much pizza, you ask: As much as you want: unlimited!

How much wine, you ask: 8 generous samples from a wide variety of our impeccable wines.

For 42 years, the pizzeria artists at Pinocchio have proudly put their name on their Italian-inspired masterpieces. Each pizza is handcrafted with only the freshest ingredients and produce.

Hand-tossed dough. San Marzano tomato. Buffalo mozzarella. Garden-fresh basil. Homemade sausage. Marinated seasonal vegetables. Love and care.

Just after crafting the perfect Italian pie, it’s placed into their authentic wood-fired oven. It is there where the crust comes alive, the mozz melts into bliss, and the pristine flavour of the San Marzano tomato sets in. 

Now, it’s ready for your table. For your palate. For your pure enjoyment. But not just one pizza: as much as you care to enjoy! And to wash down every succulent bite, you indulge in Australia’s most adventurous and palate-pleasing wines.

These are the masterpieces that you will savour:

Marinara Pizza

San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, scallops, king prawns, calamari, mussels, fresh herbs. The ocean’s bounty on a pizza.

Capricciosa Pizza

San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, shaved leg ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, roast artichoke. A unique taste you’ll ask for again and again.

Parmigiana Pizza

San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, eggplant, sausage, parmesan, basil. You’ll swear you were in an outdoor café in Italy.

Pollo Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, roasted chicken, roast capsicum pesto. If you crave the flavour of pesto, this pie will be your new best friend.


And for dessert:

Fragole e Panne

Wood-fired dessert pizza with Nutella, fresh strawberries, and ice cream. Pinocchio’s is famous for this unforgettable favourite.

And to wash down every succulent bite, you indulge in Australia’s most adventurous and palate-pleasing wines.

Each of your eight carefully selected wine selections will perfectly balance every bite of the award-winning, wood-fired pizza.

8 different shiraz from around Australia will be showcased.

Each of your eight wine selections will perfectly balance every bite of the award-winning, wood-fired pizza.


1. 2010 Redman Coonawarra Shiraz (Coonawarra, SA)

2. 2008 Kellermeister “Dry Grown” Shiraz (Barossa, SA)

3. 2009 Barristers Block “The Bully” Shiraz (Barossa, SA)

4. 2008 Pinga “5 Pipas” Shiraz (Bendigo, VIC)

5. 2010 Zeppelin Shiraz (Barossa)

6. 2009 Partisan Shiraz (McLaren Vale, SA)

7. 2010 Kooky Village Shiraz (Barossa, SA)

8. 2013 Sanguine Estate “Progeny” Shiraz

This event has been postponed.