Rose & Pinot Noir Yum Cha Lunch

Yum Cha Lunch

In the Cantonese dialect, “yum cha” translates to “drink tea”. But you can bet Top Australian Wines has something a lot tastier than tea in mind!

Announcing our first “yum cha” lunch featuring 4 Rose wines and 5 Pinot Noirs.

All the yum cha you wish to eat plus 4 highly acclaimed Rose wines from Australia and France and 5 bestselling Pinot Noirs from Australia and New Zealand. Now that’s YUM!

WHAT: All you can eat yum cha lunch served with wine

WHEN: Sunday, 23rd February, from 1:30PM to 4:30PM

WHERE: David’s Yum Cha 4 Cecil Place Prahran, VIC

AVAILABILITY: (All you can eat + 9 wines) Or Call Martin 8521 3333 Hurry these Events have sold out in the past.



The culture of China is centred around tradition, and their tradition of afternoons spent drinking tea and enjoying dim sum dishes is one that is difficult to improve upon. That is, until you offer all-you-can-eat dim sum and combine that never-ending meal with 9 delicious wines, including Rose wines and Pinot Noirs.

Wine match: With plate after plate of Chinese delicacies, you’ll enjoy 9 total wines of unique blends and harvests — 4 Rose wines from Australia and France, and 5 Pinot Noirs from Australia, France & New Zealand.

The wines to be showcased are as follows:

    1. 2012 Hentley Farm Grenache Rose (Barossa Valley, SA)
    2. 2011 Kellermeister Rascally Rabbit Rose (Barossa Valley, SA)
    3. AIX Rose (France)
    4. Rogers & Rufus Grenache Rose (Barossa Valley, SA)
    5. 2011 Mt Pleasant Mothervine Pinot Noir (Hunter Valley, NSW)
    6. 2010 42 Degrees South Pinot Noir (Tasmania)
    7. 2010 Woongarra ‘3 Wise Men’ Pinot Noir (Dandenong Ranges, VIC)
    8. 8. 2010 Tomboy Hill “The Rebel” Pinot Noir (Geelong, VIC)
    9. 2011 HaHa Pinot Noir (New Zealand)

Welcome to China! To begin your tour, we offer exceptional starters paired with remarkable Rose and Pinot Noir wines:

Edamame: green soy beans

Green ‘n’ Red: green soy beans, bok choy and chilli

Spiced oolong tea quail eggs with bean curd and wolfberries

Chicken san choi bao

Peking duck wraps

These Shanghai parcels will leave your mouth watering. Savory meats and veggies in a delicate and tasty pouch — keep your chopsticks in one hand and your glass of wine in the other!

Steamed pork dumplings

Pan fried dumplings

Chilli pork dumplings

Steamed veggie dumplings

Golden parcel dumplings with minced chicken and Asian herbs

Pork & prawn shu mai

Green prawn and bamboo dumplings

Prawn and chopped chive dumplings

Seafood dumplings with scallop crown

Roast duck dumplings

BBQ pork buns

Flavour-infused seafood, meats, and vegetables, cooked to perfection at high temperatures — every bite will meld perfectly with our Rose and Pinot Noir wines:

Battered salt and pepper calamari

Shredded lamb with chilli, garlic and spring onion

Sweet chunky eggplant, sliced chilli and spring onion

Chinese broccoli

From savoury to sweet, these meal enders will pair perfectly with our sweeter wines:

Banana street fritters

Traditional Chinese almond pudding

Soft centred white chocolate dumplings with peanut and coconut praline

Milk chocolate sesame balls

Custard buns

When was the last time you enjoyed all the amazing Chinese cuisine you wished to eat paired with extraordinary wines? Now is your chance!

Reserve your seat today for a Sunday lunch you will never forget!

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio

Are you Team Pinot Gris? Or are you Team Pinot Grigio?

Top Australian Wines presents our exclusive wine tasting lunch at After The Tears Polish Restaurant, featuring the battle of Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio.

In this corner, Pinot Gris, originating from France and New Zealand – renowned for its richer, full-bodied flavour.

While in this corner, the Italian style Pinot Grigio wines are lighter-bodied & crisp, with vibrant fruit notes.

Enjoy both as you choose the winner!

WHAT: Wine lunch featuring 8 top-shelf wines: Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris

WHEN: Sunday, 9th February starting at 1:00PM

WHERE: After The Tears Polish Restaurant, 9B Gordon Street, Elsternwick

AVAILABILITY: Seats are going fast.



The spices, the sausage, the breads — such a bountiful feast could only come from Poland. Once you swing open the door of After The Tears, you would swear you were right there.

Wine match: As you enjoy each new taste in this seemingly endless repast of shared plates, we will bring you two new wines: one Pinot Grigio and one Pinot Gris, of course. 8 wines in all!

Begin your meal with your choice of a farmer’s zakaski or vegetarian zakaski.

With the farmer’s version, enjoy luscious grilled Polish sausages, sliced gypsy ham, chicken liver and cracked pepper parfait, duck confit, Uzbek lamb croquette, dill pickles and horseradish marinated beetroot, with Russian salad and rye bread.

The vegetarian version offers fresh marinated eggplant, grilled zucchini, char grilled asparagus, piquillo peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese, house marinated feta, pickled baby beets and red cabbage, again with Russian salad and rye bread.

Your first shared plate is accompanied by a 2011 Last Horizon East Coast Pinot Gris (Tasmania) and 2012 Airlie Bank Pinot Grigio (Yarra Valley)

Next, for seafood lovers, enjoy calamari spiced with paprika — delicately sweet calamari crumbed in polenta and paprika with mixed leaves, dressed with a red capsicum relish and lemon.

As you savour each bite, tempt your taste buds once more with a glass of 2012 Vin d’Alsace Pfaffenheim Pinot Gris (AOC – France) and a glass of 2012 Trentino Alto Adige Cantina Terlano Pinot Grigio DOC (Italy)

You’ll then want to applaud when the the star of the lunch – cheese souffle and lamb croquettes – are served! The lamb croquettes are fried and served with saffron and garlic butter with relish.

As you feast on this course, imbibe our 2011 Ros Ritchie Pinot Gris (Strathbogie, VIC) as well as our 2013 SC Pannell Pinot Grigio (Adelaide Hills)

To complete an incredible meal, you won’t want to miss their specialty: hungarian chicken and mussels! Savor every bite.

Then wash it down with two Pinot varieties: 2012 Villa Wolf Pinot Gris (Germany) and 2012 Cantine Lamberti Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT Santepietre (Italy)

Don’t miss out on your one chance to enjoy the best of Polish cuisine, mixed with the best Pinots — Grigio and Gris — you can find anywhere!

Reserve your seat today for a Sunday lunch you will never forget!