Top Australian Wines “Boutique Wine Tasting” Dinner at Babushka on Tuesday June 19

It was another successful night at Babushka Restaurant in Hawthorn with the largest gathering to date with 32 people attending.

The night ran very smooth with everyone enjoying all the ten wines being showcased as well as the four course meal.

I have decided to up the ante with regards to wines qualifying for the Top Australian WInes website.

The minimum score for a wine to be chosen to be sold on will be increased from 7.3 to 7.5. Any wines scoring under 7.5 will not sold under the Top Australian Wines brand.

Just to recap how the scoring works, everyone attending the wine tasting reviews and scores the wine out of ten. I average out the scores which gives me the final result. I call this the “real world” score meaning that this is the average score of a group of people from all cross sections of society which gives an accurate depiction of what normal people think of the wine.

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Top Australian Wines “Wine Tasting” Dinner at Babushka Restaurant on Tuesday June 5


It was another successful evening at Babushka Restaurant in Hawthorn with a turn up of 27 people. I had 18 different wines for review and they alll did very well.

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