2011 By Farr Chardonnay

2011 By Farr Chardonnay is from Bannockburn in VIC. It was judged by 25 people at Lamaro’s in South Melbourne on Friday May 3, 2013.

By Farr Chardonnay

2011 By Farr Chardonnay scored an average of 7.61

Here are some of the comments:

“Leaves nice aftertaste. A bit going on but pleasant. Nice with cheese”

“Very nice”

“Very smooth”

“light on the palate, very refreshing”

“Lots of character”

“I love wood!! Drink with food”

The By Farr Chardonnay from 2011 is a very fine example of a producer that doesn’t alter their style but allows vintage variation.

“We are very happy with this wine off the back of the 2010 release.

We pressed this fruit very lightly to only extract the finest juice (550 litres per ton rather than 675 litres in a normal vintage) because of the delicate vintage that we experienced.

A little foot stomping was done to the fruit prior to pressing to help extract more phenolics due to the lighter pressing.

There is a more focused acidity line through this wine but still has the sites mineral and complex palate.

The barrel fermented and 100% malo flavours of this wine still show the Farr house style of understated richness even though from an extremely cool vintage” – Nick Farr