French Wine and Cheese Matching at Milk the Cow – July 18, 2015

French Wine and Cheese matching














6 French wines were matched to 6 different cheeses at our French Wine & Cheese Matching event at Milk the Cow Carlton on July 18, 2015.

The French Wine & Cheese Menu


1. 2012 MARIE ANDRE BOURGOGNE ROUGE PINOT NOIR (Burgundy, Bourgogne France) paired with Brillat Savari

2. 2013 CLIMATS LOUIS MAX PAYS D’OC HAUTE VALLEE ROUGE PINOT NOIR (Nuits-Saint-Georges, Bourgogne, France)
 paired with Jacquin Tradition du Berry

3. 2012 FRANCOIS LABET PINOT NOIR D’LLE BEAUTE CORSICA (Corsica, France) paired with Fleur du Maquis

4. 2013 DOMAINE DU SALVARD UNIQUE PINOT NOIR (Cheverny, France) paired with Marcel Petite Comte

5. 2012 CHÂTEAU PECH-LATT – CARIGNAN, GRENACHE NOIR, SYRAH and MOURVÈDRE (Lagrasse, Corbiéres, Languedoc, France) paired with Fourme d’Ambert

6. 2009 PIERRE AMADIEU VINSOBRES LES PIALLATS (Southern Rhone, France) paired with Beaufort d’Alpage

 All our wines are sourced from Top Australian Wines (yes, even the French wines)

The photos

French wine & Cheese July 18, 2015 French wine & Cheese July 18, 2015_001  French wine & Cheese July 18, 2015_032 French wine & Cheese July 18, 2015_024








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