How to Find the Perfect Wine Pairing
in Less Than 2 Minutes

If you enjoy wine but never know what to serve with your meals… If you can’t commit to memory what pairs best with salmon or pheasant… If you’re out of Chardonnay for your pesto dish and don’t know what else to pair it with…

Then this message is for you. Here’s why…

Small Mistakes Can Lead to BIG Changes For Flavor

Most people only look at things on the surface level. If you’re serving chicken, pair it with this. For fish, pair it with that.

But there are subtle nuances that can turn a beautiful pairing into a spicy or sour disaster.

It can weigh down a wonderfully light meal.

And it can totally destroy the well-balanced flavors of the home-cooked meal you worked so hard to create.

That’s why I paired up with my friend Jenny Polack to create a solution.

Hand-Selected Wine Pairings from Australia’s Best

Jenny has over 30 years of experience in the wine industry, doing everything from front-line sales to picking the grapes herself.

She teaches various courses and masterclasses on wine and was even awarded the Wine Communicators Australia Best Wine Educator Award.

And I’m Martin Peston. I’ve built my company, Wine Tasting Events, to where I’ve now run hundreds of events, allowing others like you to sample extraordinary wines with fine cuisine.

That fine dining experience is exactly what we’ve set out to create for you at home with this book.

It’s Helped Them, And It’ll Help You Too

Here’s what a few have had to say about it…


What a handy ebook that has just enhanced my dining experiences to
another level. Money well spent

Cliff S


We regularly hold dinner parties with our foodie friends who also love wine.
We love to see the look on their faces when the food & wine pairing is perfect.
We would recommend this ebook to anyone who is serious about food & wine
matching. Thanks Martin

Robert G & Pam G


“I am new to wine drinking and before I had very limited knowledge of food
& wine pairing. Now I just refer to this great food & wine guide and it makes
the decision making so much easier. My friends look at me like an expert now.”

Andrew L

When you buy your copy of Activate Your Taste Buds, you’ll get:

  • check-circle
    Over 730 pairings for nearly every meal, hand-selected by one of Australia’s top wine educators
  • check-circle
    Pairings for everything from chicken and fish to Indian, Thai, pizza, and desserts
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    Clear explanations on what to pay attention to when you’re pairing your wine and what mistakes to avoid

All of this information combined would cost you thousands of dollars in our events and masterclasses, but you’ll get all of this for only $59.

This isn't your standard 7-page e-book like others slap together ... This is a digital reference book – carefully crafted and complete with beautiful photos – that you can consult wherever you are to find just the right pairing. So whether you’re at home, eating dinner at a friend’s house, or having a night out at your favorite restaurant… You have a reference guide that you can quickly and easily consult to help you find the perfect pairing for hors d’oeuvre, side plate, or main course.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

And you’re 100% safe to try this out. That’s all we’re suggesting.
Just try this book for 30 days and see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be thrilled – and that’s exactly what we think will happen.
If for some reason, you’re not thrilled with how easy it is to pair just the right wine with your home-cooked meals, then just let us know – and we will refund your purchase price (and even let you keep the book).

Time For A Decision

So you have a choice to make… Do what you’ve been doing? You know where that will lead.
Anxious about your next dinner party hosting, keeping your fingers crossed, hoping that you wine doesn’t clash with the spices you used and ruin the meal you worked so hard to cook.


Try something new and get a new result. Impress your dinner guests and find the perfect wine to bring out the flavors of your meal – using pairings hand-selected by one of Australia’s top wine educators.
Here’s what to do now… Just click “  
Buy Now ” below and get your copy of
Activate Your Taste Buds right now.

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